Books about the programm "Mirotok"

This album introduces a methodological aid to my healing and teaching program "WORLDFLOW". The album is not only an element of my personal creative growth towards self-expression in painting, but also an adjunct to my work with patients. It has proven that rhythm-color expressions are intimately tied with our nature and have powerful healing properties, based on their inbuilt energetic frequencies.

My many years of clinical work and the immense experience a doctor acquires from relations with patients, originated this alternative individual therapeutic methodology, though it all started with development of my own creative potential. It is my firm belief that therapy has a defined end, but, if therapeutic procedures are unreasonable, illness can extend for lengthy periods of time. None of us is insured against "businessmen-doctors", who use illness for personal gain; but, using creative approaches, proving that medicine is an art (as it was, in its healing historical past) rather than technology, we can go back to the core of the medical tradition, and achieve high rates of healing.

We all know that illness represents a functional disturbance of the whole organism; therefore, there is little lasting purpose in treating just one spot of the body, just one organ or function. However, treatment of the whole is a highly individual and creative process. To start with, my theory is that a healthy person must have adequate "energy-capacity". This notion requires separate consideration. "Energy-capacity" implies presence of a certain amount of energy in the person.

Now, in a healthy state, our internal processes are balanced by external processes within the surrounding society. It is a self-leveling interaction, continuously occurring to maintain that healthy stable state. That way, this interaction maintains also an adequate "energy-capacity" within the organism, and occurs in a continuous dynamic process. But, since it is continuous, it requires constant monitoring, to preserve that stable state. Thus, it is obviously very erroneous to think that an individual can maintain his/her healthy state by periodic visits to, or treatments by a doctor: the individual has to take responsibility for his/her own energetic upkeep.

How to achieve that state, when we know that energy dissipates? Only the creative process is a continuous source of energy. My paintings project the interrelationship between my inner world and outer societal forces, and express the energetic balance between those two worlds. They are expressions of my varying states of "energy-capacity". What practice has shown is that my patients react to that energy-capacity, as expressed in concrete rhythm-color schemes within my paintings, leading to healing processes in an endless variety of dysfunctional states.


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