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Igor Benditskiy at work

Dr. I.E.Benditskiy's art is a historically unique amalgamation of self-expression and medical-healing instrumentation. To fully appreciate the value of this work, it is difficult to separate these two aspects of Benditskiy's creativity. He is an artist, but he cannot divorce his art from his medical background and therapeutic instincts. At the same time, in his creations he partakes of some of the world's foremost research on the relationship of physiology with our evolving knowledge of electro-magnetic waveforms, and he expresses his philosophy of therapy and his impressions (or, rather, perceptions) of individual rhythms in a uniquely gifted art form.

From a purely artistic standpoint, Benditskiy shares techniques and ideologies with some of the outstanding representatives of painting. He is well grounded in Reality - the reality of our anatomy and physiology, and the reality of our individual plane of cosmic vibration. But, as his medium, he uses techniques associated with Impressionism and Symbolism, occasionally drifting into techniques associated with Expressionism. Considering that he is totally devoid of academicism, that he never studied painting - it makes him into a genuine and natural art creator. Perhaps that is what makes it so difficult to place him within the art history context, a trait associated with many of the groundbreakers of the genre - Da Vinci, Tintoretto, Courbet, Turner, Goya, Cezanne, Chagal. Also, another difficulty stems from the nature of medicine: Benditskiy keeps referring to his studies of Koptic healing arts, Egyptian medicine, Chinese medical tradition, besides the regular studies of orthopedics, traumatology and manual therapy; he is also associated with social medical programs in Russia, appears to have a strong ESP factor in his personal practice, and to some extent even expresses some mystical interests.

In his own words: he paints what he feels about his healing practice; he paints his view of the human Being - which is much more than just anatomy; and he paints, on purpose, the rhythms, the color frequencies that he wants to share with his patients within the therapeutic process. That way, it is exactly as with his medical practice - we have repeatedly expressed regret for the fact that such a complexity of "tools" cannot be formed into a school, to be provided for common benefit of all sufferers. Just as Benditskiy cannot, personally, treat more that a handful of patients, albeit working no less than twelve hours per day - the same way, he cannot paint more than a limited number of paintings that form part of his healing process. We are fortunate that his creativity burst into a furious wave of work that started in 2003, and we are still riding that wave.

Some of these paintings are shown in this on-line gallery. Enjoy. And if you decide to partake of the healing experience, Welcome! The site gives various ways to contact the Doctor.


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